2020-09-25 Felix Dörrefix: correctly auto-start cassiopeia services master
2020-09-24 Felix DörreMerge "add: information to rewrite url on gigi pages...
2020-09-24 Felix DörreMerge "add: packer template for debian-9 installation"
2020-09-22 INOPIAEadd: information to rewrite url on gigi pages to extern...
2020-09-20 Thomas Merkeladd: packer template for debian-9 installation
2020-09-16 Thomas Merkelfix: add missing dependencies for init-vm if using...
2020-07-07 Felix Dörrefix: use certificate authentication also in bootstrap...
2020-07-07 Felix Dörrefix: use certificate authentication to request new...
2019-12-02 Felix Dörrefix: accept dp to work with current gigi and others
2019-01-15 INOPIAEupd: reorder entries by ascending ip numbers
2019-01-10 Felix Dörrechg: allow domain-vhosts of motion container
2019-01-08 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge changes I3d69d1c6,I8b0fa62a,I668a5e8d,Iaf0e30fa
2019-01-06 Felix Dörreadd: motion system from source
2019-01-05 Felix Dörreadd: virtual resource collectors for nginx+pg
2019-01-05 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: TODO comment for future improvement
2019-01-05 Lucas Werkmeisterfix: correct non-interactive forcing of apt commands
2018-12-23 Felix Dörrechg: use explicit resources for nginx-binds
2018-12-23 Felix Dörrefix: force non-interactive output of pty-executed apts
2018-12-23 Felix Dörrechg: extract lxc-bind-mounts to own resources
2018-12-23 Felix Dörrefix: wait for systemd socket when lxc starts
2018-12-23 Felix Dörreadd: ipv6 for container and for external http(s) dnats
2018-12-19 Felix Dörrechg: make installed keys owned by puppet
2018-12-13 Felix Dörrechg: bootstrap user needs to add domain before making...
2018-12-13 Felix Dörrechg: fix path in lxc-base image creation
2018-12-13 Felix Dörrechg: deb signing key moved
2018-12-13 Felix Dörrechg: puppetlabs-postgresql requires stdlib < 5.0.0
2018-03-20 Martin Gummiadd: readme in root dir
2018-01-09 Felix Dörrefix: postgres for quiz
2017-12-18 Felix Dörrefix: replication needs max_wal_senders
2017-12-14 Felix Dörrefix: ensure postgres-client for quiz-setup
2017-12-03 Felix Dörreadd: archiving of container-journals
2017-12-03 Felix Dörreadd: backup mechanism for postgresql
2017-12-03 Felix Dörreadd: make postgresql write archives
2017-11-06 Felix Dörreupd: puppetlabs-stdlib to >=4.21
2017-10-16 Felix Dörreupd: move quiz to postgres
2017-10-16 Felix Dörreupd: cleanup file-dependencies for lxcs
2017-10-14 Felix Dörrefix: typo in init-vm script
2017-10-14 Felix Dörrefix: agent needs no-daemonize when there's currently...
2017-10-11 Felix Dörrefix: pin puppet-stdlib version more strictly
2017-07-23 Felix Dörreadd: script for an admin to manage certificates
2017-07-16 Felix Dörreupd: cleanup inclusion of config and document config...
2017-06-27 Felix Dörreadd: ocsp server configuration
2017-06-09 Felix Dörreupd: remove unneccesary quotes in [[
2017-06-09 Felix Dörreadd: infradocs package
2017-06-09 Felix Dörreupd: rename certificate renewal commands + add force...
2017-06-03 Felix Dörreupd: manager fetch/push operation
2017-04-22 Felix Dörreadd: script to create base image
2017-04-22 Felix Dörreadd: version pinning for puppet modules
2017-04-17 Felix Dörreupd: clean base-image package-lists
2017-04-16 Felix Dörreadd: systemd module for executing daemon-reload
2017-04-16 Felix Dörreadd: synchronous initial puppet runs
2017-04-16 Felix Dörreupd: launch apt-update at least daily
2017-03-29 Felix Dörreupd: put .gitignore rules in manager directory
2017-03-29 Felix Dörreupd: add minimal instructions to create nre-keys
2017-03-29 Felix Dörreupd: improve error checking in bootstrap-user
2017-03-29 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: run git daemon as nobody, not git
2017-03-29 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: enable upload-archive git service
2017-03-29 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: git smart HTTP daemon
2017-03-28 Felix Dörreadd: utility for minimal testing
2017-03-28 Felix Dörrefix: gigi does not permit to add oneself as org admin
2017-03-28 Felix Dörrefix: cassiopeia package name
2017-03-24 Lucas Werkmeisterfix: enable all services in systemd
2017-03-22 Felix Dörreadd: script and instructions for automated setup
2017-03-22 Felix Dörreadd: exim config to send mails into the internet
2017-03-22 Felix Dörreupd: fix http-challenge
2017-03-21 Felix Dörreupd: copy base image instead of creating fresh
2017-03-13 Felix Dörrefix: remove getty-services
2017-03-13 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: gitweb service
2017-03-02 Felix Dörreadd: real testing for testserver and real pro-version...
2017-03-02 Felix Dörreupd: changes according to current gigi changes
2017-02-22 Felix Dörreupd: simplify
2017-02-16 Felixinitial import