2018-07-23 INOPIAEadd: ensure org ra agents cannot manage org where they...
2018-07-13 INOPIAEfmt: proper use of lower case to have consistent warnin...
2018-07-09 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: labels for checkboxes
2018-07-04 Lucas Werkmeisterchg: remove unused import
2018-07-04 INOPIAEupd: added warning to error message
2018-06-19 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: test for PasswordHashChecker
2018-06-19 Lucas Werkmeisterfix: short files in PasswordHashChecker
2018-06-19 Lucas Werkmeisterchg: ignore NoSuchFileException for Pwned Passwords
2018-06-19 Felix DörreMerge changes from topic '143'
2018-06-12 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: optionally check pwned passwords
2018-06-12 Felix Dörreadd: PasswordHashChecker implementation
2018-06-10 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: DelegatingPasswordChecker implementation
2018-06-10 Lucas Werkmeisterchg: move PasswordChecker object to Gigi class
2018-06-09 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: PasswordChecker interface
2018-06-09 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: mkosi files
2018-05-22 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "chg: apply css 'table' class to table"
2018-04-24 INOPIAEchg: apply css 'table' class to table
2018-04-24 INOPIAEfix: remove stylesheet link to missing css file
2018-02-27 Benny BaumannMerge "add: ant and wget in build dependencies"
2018-02-27 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: ant and wget in build dependencies
2018-02-22 INOPIAEchg: remove unused local variables
2018-02-20 Benny Baumannfix: resource leaks in OCSPIssuerManager
2018-02-20 Felix DörreMerge changes I18f5f27f,I27ec303f,I78009fe3
2018-02-18 Felix DörreMerge changes Ica9a9fc2,I5effef05
2018-02-16 INOPIAEchg: reword error message to match conditions
2018-02-16 INOPIAEchg: enable support to find organisation domains
2018-02-16 INOPIAEchg: restructure code for better readability
2018-02-13 Benny Baumannfix: avoid resource leak when generating OCSP requests
2018-02-13 Benny Baumannfix: prevent possible NPE on failure to list the CA...
2018-02-13 Benny Baumannchg: ensure actor, target and support ticket are non...
2018-02-13 INOPIAEchg: enable support to remove supporter flag for own...
2018-02-12 Felix DörreMerge "chg: adjust wording and use of uppercase on...
2018-02-11 INOPIAEchg: adjust wording and use of uppercase on Manager...
2018-02-11 INOPIAEchg: add p7b to download all intermediate certificates...
2018-02-10 INOPIAEchg: add appName to filename for root certificate download
2018-02-08 Benny BaumannMerge "chg: extract url to links.txt"
2018-02-08 Benny BaumannMerge "fix: move switch to organisation context to...
2018-02-08 Benny BaumannMerge "chg: reword error message to match conditions"
2018-02-06 INOPIAEchg: enforce email address for certificate was pinged...
2018-02-06 INOPIAEchg: extract url to links.txt
2018-02-06 INOPIAEfix: move switch to organisation context to separate...
2018-02-03 INOPIAEchg: reword error message to match conditions
2018-01-30 Felix DörreMerge "chg: jar version to match the version generated...
2018-01-30 INOPIAEchg: adjust wording and target for static links
2018-01-30 Felix Dörrechg: jar version to match the version generated for...
2018-01-29 Felix DörreMerge "add: include Microsoft codesigning OIDs to Simpl...
2018-01-27 Benny BaumannMerge changes I47ec8fcb,I2cd200f3
2018-01-24 INOPIAEadd: include Microsoft codesigning OIDs to SimpleSigner
2018-01-21 INOPIAEchg: adjust text to current settings
2018-01-18 Lucas Werkmeisterchg: refactor script to fetch external libraries
2018-01-18 Felix Dörreadd: dnsjava 2.1.8 dependency and sanity test
2018-01-18 Felix DörreMerge "add: certificate status check via web form"
2018-01-17 INOPIAEchg: create superclass for SE tests
2018-01-17 INOPIAEadd: revocation state in the result list of support...
2018-01-17 Benny BaumannMerge "chg: hide "Show advanced options" checkbox when...
2018-01-17 Benny BaumannMerge "fix: spelling"
2018-01-17 INOPIAEadd: certificate status check via web form
2018-01-16 Felix Dörrechg: hide "Show advanced options" checkbox when javascr...
2018-01-16 Lucas Werkmeisterfix: spelling
2018-01-15 Felix Dörrechg: cleanup locateCertificate method
2018-01-15 Felix Dörrechg: enhance type safety of serials
2018-01-15 Felix Dörreadd: serial normalization
2018-01-15 Felix Dörrechg: factor out certificate locating logic
2018-01-11 Felix Dörrechg: sign development gigi certificates for longer...
2018-01-09 INOPIAEchg: make description work for certificate, save and...
2018-01-05 INOPIAEfix: add missing timecondition during init process
2018-01-04 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "chg: format show history link"
2018-01-04 Felix DörreMerge "chg: don’t use printf with variable format strings"
2018-01-04 Lucas Werkmeisterchg: don’t use printf with variable format strings
2017-12-28 Benny BaumannMerge "add: script to generate changelog based on git...
2017-12-28 Felix Dörreadd: script to generate changelog based on git info
2017-12-25 Felix DörreMerge "upd: remove alert settings from register process"
2017-12-25 Felix DörreMerge "chg: adjust ticket number handling according...
2017-12-22 INOPIAEupd: remove alert settings from register process
2017-12-22 Felix Dörrefix: ensure that Users and Organisations only are inser...
2017-12-20 Benny BaumannMerge changes I86c1045b,I9fc533ac
2017-12-18 Felix DörreMerge changes I2f1b08c0,Ie38a6b51
2017-12-18 INOPIAEchg: adjust ticket number handling according to current...
2017-12-18 Felix Dörrechg: revoke certificates if repeated ping failed
2017-12-18 Felix Dörrefix: the "generateBrokenKeypair" can sometimes hang...
2017-12-12 Felix Dörrefix: allow dev-certificates to be regenerated (with...
2017-12-11 INOPIAEchg: format show history link
2017-12-09 INOPIAEchg: move email and domain to verification menu
2017-12-09 INOPIAEchg: adjust wording to have a consequent wording over...
2017-12-04 Felix Dörreupd: clean output of Test-Manager Pinger-Forwarding
2017-12-03 Felix Dörrefix: clean up "SECURE_REFERENCE"-Page
2017-11-19 INOPIAEchg: get wording to be the same as in
2017-11-19 INOPIAEfix: create config variables for email addresses
2017-11-14 Felix DörreMerge "chg: improve information about password strength"
2017-11-11 Benny BaumannMerge "upd: get default variables into outputables...
2017-11-11 Benny BaumannMerge "chg: wording on root cert page"
2017-11-11 Benny BaumannMerge changes Icf0b8af5,I2f8a5077
2017-11-10 INOPIAEchg: improve information about password strength
2017-11-09 Felix Dörreupd: get default variables into outputables for error...
2017-11-09 INOPIAEchg: wording on root cert page
2017-11-08 Felix Dörreadd: table to store certificate logs
2017-11-07 Felix Dörrechg: manage more resources explicitly
2017-11-07 Benny Baumannchg: use GCD of pre-multiplied list of primes to check...
2017-11-07 Benny BaumannMerge changes I46ae11f8,I6d71e70e,Ie19e3229
2017-11-07 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "add: show more certificates on the "roots" page"