2017-03-24 Benny BaumannMerge "fix: avoid blanks after displayed names"
2017-03-23 Lucas Werkmeisterfix: typo in manpage
2017-03-23 Felix Dörrefix: avoid blanks after displayed names
2017-03-22 Benny Baumannchg: Explicitly bail on invalid lines in imported lists
2017-03-22 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "add: manpage"
2017-03-22 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge changes Ie9951caa,I9a57ce72
2017-03-22 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "fix: Avoid leaking the SSL sockets"
2017-03-22 Benny BaumannMerge "upd: don’t initialize name.suffix from name...
2017-03-22 Benny Baumannfix: Typo pointed out while reviewing change 492
2017-03-22 Benny Baumannfix: Avoid leaking the SSL sockets
2017-03-22 Benny Baumannchg: Make synchronization on the Database layer explicit
2017-03-22 Felix DörreMerge "add: natives/"
2017-03-22 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: don’t initialize name.suffix from name.www
2017-03-22 Benny Baumannfix: Close resources we no longer need
2017-03-22 Benny Baumannfix: Close resources we no longer need
2017-03-22 Benny Baumannfix: Remove deprecated cryptography no longer needed...
2017-03-22 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: manpage
2017-03-21 Lucas Werkmeisteradd: natives/
2017-03-19 Benny Baumannadd: Validation checks for the format of prefix/suffix...
2017-03-19 Benny BaumannMerge changes I34e6379b,I515bdbb5
2017-03-19 Felix Dörreudp: keep coverity happy by explicitly preventing null...
2017-03-19 Felix Dörreupd: keep coverity happy by explicitly throwing
2017-03-19 Benny Baumannadd: Check the primary email address to be valid before...
2017-03-13 Benny BaumannMerge "fix: add .mailmap to fix commit information"
2017-03-13 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: old domain in FetchLocales
2017-03-13 Lucas Werkmeisterfix: add .mailmap to fix commit information
2017-03-04 Felix Dörrefix: several smaller fixups on the TestManager
2017-03-04 Felix Dörreadd: Org Agents may not make themselves administrators...
2017-03-04 INOPIAEfix: small changes for better translation
2017-03-01 Benny BaumannMerge changes I23396e9a,I6e5f6bef,I29ea805e,Ia02c4f96
2017-02-28 INOPIAEfix: remove blank from translation string
2017-02-28 Felix Dörreupd: display "none" when there are no groups to be...
2017-02-28 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: remove references to ET
2017-02-27 Felix Dörrefix: quick development-restart
2017-02-27 INOPIAEupd: replace old main page with dashboard
2017-02-27 Felix Dörreupd: newer jenkins-config
2017-02-27 Felix Dörreupd: licence consistent and AGPLv3
2017-02-27 Felix Dörrefix: CAA records on non-existing domains
2017-02-27 Felix Dörreupd: make system-keywords configurable
2017-02-27 Benny BaumannMerge "upd: terminology in API"
2017-02-27 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: terminology in database
2017-02-27 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: terminology in API
2017-02-27 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "fix: Somewhat sensibly split the wishlist document"
2017-02-26 Benny Baumannfix: Somewhat sensibly split the wishlist document
2017-02-25 INOPIAEupd: added links to imprint and data privacy in footer...
2017-02-25 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: stray old terminology
2017-02-25 INOPIAEupd: replace SomeCA by variable
2017-02-25 Felix Dörreupd: make Menu names more flexible
2017-02-25 INOPIAEupd: reword of rules.template and "Web of Trust"
2017-02-24 INOPIAEupd: replace MainPageNotLogin text to meet new criteria
2017-02-22 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: terminology in code
2017-02-22 Benny Baumannfix: XSS via Test Server Management interface
2017-02-22 Benny Baumannfix: Typo in field to exempt domains from pinging
2017-02-22 Benny Baumannchg: Reuse code in template merging/append
2017-02-21 Felix Dörrefix: typo in challenge
2017-02-21 Felix Dörreupd: cleanup more references
2017-02-21 Felix Dörreupd: remove old policies
2017-02-20 Felix Dörreupd: keep host names scalable and configurable
2017-02-20 Felix Dörreupd: document variables in SprintfCommand more clearly
2017-02-20 Felix Dörreupd: use a link-redirector for all external links.
2017-02-16 Felix Dörreupd: rename package name and all references to it
2017-02-12 Felix Dörrefix: ResultSet.getDate is often wrong as it fetches...
2017-02-09 INOPIAEAdd a hint what the "Request reping" is used for on...
2017-02-08 INOPIAEHighlight expired nucleus bonus verifications in points...
2017-02-08 Benny BaumannMerge "Temporarily disable SystemCallFilter"
2017-02-08 Felix Dörrefix: empty-variable "version" in development runs.
2017-02-07 Lucas WerkmeisterTemporarily disable SystemCallFilter
2017-02-07 Felix Dörreupd: enhance "CSRF-missing" test case exception for...
2017-02-07 Felix Dörreupd: move external keywords to own class
2017-02-07 Felix Dörrefix: display verify information only when verification...
2017-01-30 Felix Dörrefix: make the pinger daemon keep cool when missing...
2017-01-27 Lucas Werkmeisterfix: add ioctl to SystemCallFilter
2017-01-19 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: add more sandboxing directives to gigi-proxy.service
2017-01-12 Felix Dörreadd: fix own host name on certificate issue page
2017-01-04 Felix Dörreadd: detect a quiz-admin directly in gigi
2017-01-04 Felix Dörrefix: restrict access to CATS-API even more
2017-01-03 Felix Dörrefix: greatly improve performance of often-executed...
2017-01-03 Felix Dörreadd: yet another nucleus test
2017-01-03 Felix Dörrefix: counting of nucleus verifications
2017-01-03 Felix Dörrefix: send password reset emails to the correct user
2017-01-03 Felix Dörreadd: Implement use of Cisco Umbrella 1 Million domain...
2016-12-15 Felix Dörrefix: Exception when using TestManager functionality
2016-12-09 Felix Dörrefix: generate correct urls to static resources
2016-11-28 Felix Dörreupd: enforce serverAuth EKU for SSL-pings
2016-11-28 Felix Dörreupd: in SSLPinger move serverAuth EKU OID to a constant
2016-11-27 Felix Dörrefix: allow SSLPinger to process certs without EKU
2016-11-26 Felix Dörrefix: send unsigned mail correctly
2016-11-26 Felix Dörreupd: use try-with-resources to protect JDBC-Statement
2016-11-26 Felix Dörrefix: correct SQL query for issuing repings.
2016-11-25 Felix Dörreupd: use "PartOf" relation in gigi-proxy.service
2016-11-25 Felix Dörrefix: fixed date in testcases
2016-10-16 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "fix: resource leak in template fast-debug code"
2016-10-16 Benny BaumannMerge "add: email-management-api"
2016-10-16 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "upd: more realistic content-type for cert-downlo...
2016-10-16 Felix Dörrefix: resource leak in template fast-debug code
2016-10-16 Felix Dörreadd: email-management-api
2016-10-16 Felix Dörreupd: more realistic content-type for cert-downloads...
2016-10-09 Benny BaumannMerge "upd: improve digest explanation and make SHA512...
2016-10-08 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: improve digest explanation and make SHA512 default
2016-10-04 Felix Dörreupd: use same-protocol-prefixes for static-links