2015-11-04 Felix Dörreupd: for installation send certificate chains as p7...
2015-11-04 Felix Dörrefix: cleanup open files in "certificateProfile"
2015-11-03 Felix Dörrefix: coverity fixes
2015-11-03 Felix Dörreupd: documentation to use the nre-repo for initial...
2015-11-03 Felix Dörreupd: same things for test-template
2015-11-03 Felix Dörreupd: update config-template for postgres
2015-11-02 Felix DörreAllow only verified emails and domains.
2015-11-02 Felix DörreClean: use "authorizationContexts"
2015-11-02 Felix Dörrefix: verify there is a user using the API
2015-11-02 Felix Dörreadd: 2 simple tests + simple "certificate"-code cleanup
2015-11-02 Felix Dörrefix: more testcases from regression a few commits back
2015-11-02 Felix Dörrefix, regression: update names
2015-11-02 Felix Dörreupd: split certificate issuance as organisation into...
2015-10-26 Felix DörreUPD: minor consistency cleanups
2015-10-22 Felix Dörrerefactor: move job to dbObjects Package
2015-10-22 Felix Dörrerefactor: move two dbObjects-inner classes to their...
2015-10-19 Felix Dörreadd: more loosly input into "certificate request" to...
2015-10-18 Felix DörreUPD: Cleanup User-class.
2015-10-14 Felix Dörrefix: show nicer error messages when certificate request...
2015-10-14 Felix Dörrefix: more postgresql fixup
2015-10-14 Felix Dörrefix: an scrpyt error for empty passwords.
2015-10-13 Felix Dörreupd: add properties "emailProvider.smtpHost" + "emailPr...
2015-10-13 Felix Dörreupd: final touches for upgrade to postgres
2015-10-13 Felix Dörreupd: database column rename
2015-10-03 Felix Dörreupd: postgresql adding debian dpendencies
2015-10-03 Felix Dörreupd "" to reflect changes in...
2015-10-03 Felix Dörreupd: the Public suffix list changed (again), as did...
2015-10-03 Felix DörreSSL-ping: implement re-order of ssltest-executions.
2015-09-19 Felix Dörrestabelize pings.
2015-09-17 Felix Dörredbg: test-output for pinging
2015-09-15 Felix Dörrefix: ssl-pinging stabelize + timeout
2015-09-15 Felix Dörrefix: for the psql changes
2015-09-14 Felix Dörreupd: postgres-debian package in build.xml
2015-09-14 Felix Dörreupd: convert to PostgreSQL
2015-08-02 Felix Dörreupd: the world changed to need our test vectors for...
2015-08-02 Felix Dörreadd: Init two db-static initializers non-lazily
2015-08-02 Benny Baumann fix: Properly handle initialization of profiles and...
2015-08-02 Benny Baumannfix: Include visibility and read-only specifications...
2015-06-11 Janis StreibADD: Link to the wiki when CSR is mentioned, because...
2015-06-04 Janis StreibUPD: Don't count revoked 'valid' certs as valid
2015-06-04 Janis StreibFIX: Only revoke issued certs
2015-06-04 Janis StreibUPD: SE: Display count of revoked certificates and...
2015-06-04 Janis StreibUPD: packed date formatting in Outputable (now you...
2015-06-04 Felix Dörrefixup! add: more intelligent ticket waiting
2015-06-04 Janis StreibUPD: Only show revoke checkboxes, if the cert is in...
2015-06-04 Janis StreibADD: Get revocation date and display at cert overview
2015-06-04 Felix Dörreadd: more intelligent ticket waiting
2015-06-04 Felix Dörreupd: wait for test-manager certs
2015-06-04 Felix Dörreadd: manager call to add an certificate
2015-06-04 Felix Dörreupd: better
2015-06-04 Felix Dörreadd: let a user revoke his certificates.
2015-06-04 Felix Dörrefix: send the correct CA in the simple Signer
2015-06-04 Janis StreibUPD: Advanced wildcard syntax
2015-06-04 Felix Dörrefix: simple signers SPKAC-support
2015-06-04 Janis StreibUPD: More verbosity at autonomous tests
2015-06-04 Felix Dörreadd: login ticket into the devel launcher
2015-06-04 Felix Dörrefix: exception when there are bogous certificates.
2015-06-04 Felix Dörreupd: cleanup Test Manager and add an "add verified...
2015-06-04 Felix Dörreadding script to generate cacerts.jks from NRE-roots
2015-06-04 Felix Dörreupd: copy IOUtils, because "tests" is not visible here
2015-06-04 Janis StreibUPD: Allow 2-level wildcard pages
2015-05-26 Felix Dörrefix: allow hidden symbols for "simple Signer"
2015-05-26 Felix DörreMerge branch 'fix-signer'
2015-05-26 Felix Dörre"fix:"(=remove) simpleSigner revoking
2015-05-25 Felix DörreMajor fix simple signer to not require Openssl
2015-05-25 Felix Dörrefix TestSSL to be in acordance with the Form parser
2015-05-20 Janis StreibUPD: Disabled generateKeys target
2015-05-20 Janis StreibFIX: Correct hostname and port for SE testcases
2015-05-20 Janis StreibFIX: Naive trust manager for EmailProviderClass tests
2015-05-20 Felix Dörrefix: several testcases to the new configuration/structure
2015-05-15 Felix Dörreadd: cert-rules closer to reality
2015-05-15 Felix Dörreupd: fix certificate requesting checks
2015-05-14 Felix Dörreupd: move CertificateProfile overview generation to...
2015-05-14 Felix Dörreadd: cert-profile loading from config
2015-05-14 Felix DörreADD: root structure awareness.
2015-04-18 Felix DörreAdd: Allow orga-masters to edit orga affiliations.
2015-03-22 Janis StreibADD: Basic name test for details form (SE)
2015-03-22 Janis StreibADD: More search test
2015-03-22 Janis StreibADD: MOre SE test cases
2015-03-22 Janis StreibUPD: Use the PATH
2015-03-21 Janis StreibADD: Fulltext mail based user search test (SE)
2015-03-21 Janis StreibFMT> removed unused import
2015-03-21 Felix DörreFix: unnecessarily waiting testcase.
2015-03-21 Janis StreibADD: Functoinality behind SE change dob and SE change...
2015-03-21 Janis StreibFIX: Off by one in date selector (how did this ever...
2015-03-21 Janis StreibUPD: Removed primary key in adminLog table
2015-03-21 Janis StreibFIX: Better DB upgrade
2015-03-21 Janis StreibUPD: Extracted user update
2015-03-21 Janis StreibADD: Use a "SupportedUser" for the user details form
2015-03-21 Janis StreibUPD: Stricter name part handling
2015-03-21 Felix DörreFix: Stacktrace on certificate generation timeout.
2015-03-21 Felix DörreFix: send domain ping reconfigurations to correct form
2015-03-15 Felix DörreFix: again SAN-error messages.
2015-03-15 Felix DörreFix: secure now requires client certs, so this test...
2015-03-15 Felix DörreFix: followups for sprintf syntax
2015-03-15 Felix DörreFix: update testcase, only assurers may become org...
2015-03-15 Felix DörreFix: typo in verify page. Correct output after verifica...
2015-03-15 Felix DörreFix: followups on sprintf syntax
2015-03-15 Felix Dörreupd: Beautify up the verification form.
2015-03-15 Felix DörreFix: enforce client auth on "secure"-subhost