2016-04-12 Janis StreibADD: First attempt for a redesign
2016-04-11 Felix Dörreadd:, link to 'beforeYouStart.txt'
2016-04-07 Felix Dörre(hopefully) stabelize the Orga test
2016-04-07 Felix DörreMerge commit '0176ca7cda25ad88e9faa116ffa139ca926de273...
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: two more testcases for API-endpoint
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: also allow issuing certificates for an organisation
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreupd: new Manager function, adding exp-points
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreupd: allow exporting of whole cert chains via API
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: nucleus assurance
2016-04-07 Felix Dörregeneral cleanup
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreupd: better error reporting from cert-gen api
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: api, allow specifying a certificate profile.
2016-04-07 Felix Dörrefix: postgres-boolean are t/f
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreupd: more verbose error message for cert authing agains...
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: test for "fix: codesigning permission was inverted"
2016-04-07 Felix Dörrefixup! add: additional check for ip-addresses as domains
2016-04-07 Felix Dörrefix: a problem when setting up new test environments
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: additional check for ip-addresses as domains
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: some state of the "whishList" from the etherpad
2016-02-18 Felix Dörrefix: codesigning permission was inverted
2016-02-02 Felix Dörrefix: only allow setting ticket for supporter group
2016-02-02 Felix DörreShow certificate as PEM
2016-02-02 Felix Dörreadd: information that two pings are required on domain...
2016-01-27 Felix Dörrefix: adjust testcase to current Orga mgmt concept
2016-01-27 Felix Dörreadd: granting and revoking groups by supporters
2016-01-27 Felix Dörreadd: group to block an account for issuing new certs.
2015-12-04 Felix Dörreupd: restrict permissions of org "master" admin on...
2015-11-27 Felix Dörrefix: a coverity issue with multi-thread
2015-11-27 Felix Dörreupd: better error reporting in "TestCertificateAdd"
2015-11-26 Felix Dörreupd: allow deletion of ping configurations
2015-11-26 Felix Dörreupd: re-ping after 6 months
2015-11-26 Felix Dörreadd: Allow specific self-signed certs for ssl-tests
2015-11-25 Felix Dörrefix: redirect to passwort-part when going to domain...
2015-11-25 Felix Dörrefix: output DoB as date-only
2015-11-25 Felix Dörrefix: show max assurance points of the assurer (instread...
2015-11-24 Felix Dörreupd: reference A-Word as from Passwrod-reset-by-assuran...
2015-11-24 Felix Dörreupd: increase CSR text box size
2015-11-24 Felix Dörrefix: error in domain Pingconfig + default first column...
2015-11-24 Felix Dörreupd: show points sums on MyPoints page
2015-11-24 Felix Dörreupd: show timezone in outptu timestamps, Find domain...
2015-11-20 Felix Dörreadd: allow un-cached SQL queries
2015-11-20 Felix Dörreupd: remove sql-caching statistics
2015-11-19 Felix Dörrefix: findbugs issue
2015-11-19 Felix Dörrefix: unfinished test
2015-11-19 Felix Dörrefix: SQL change database call pattern
2015-11-19 Felix Dörrefix: circumvent several exceptions
2015-11-19 Felix Dörrefix: npe in domain overview as domain
2015-11-19 Felix Dörrefix: allow orga users to reping their domains
2015-11-18 Felix Dörreadd: test-manager functionality to skip domain ping...
2015-11-16 Felix Dörreadd: implement a test manager that will succeed all...
2015-11-16 Felix Dörrefix: external password-reset-by-assurance-TestCase
2015-11-15 Felix Dörreupd: show ping execution date.
2015-11-15 Felix Dörrefix: domainPinger update
2015-11-14 Felix Dörreadd: domains for org accounts
2015-11-14 Felix Dörreadd: external test for password reset
2015-11-14 Felix Dörreadd: password-reset with assurance from support side
2015-11-14 Felix Dörrefix: correct order when consuming password reset token
2015-11-14 Felix Dörrefix: a 0-point-assurance prexents account details editing
2015-11-14 Felix Dörreadd: password reset with assurance.
2015-11-13 Felix Dörreadd: internal api for password reset (with assurance)
2015-11-13 Felix Dörreadd: split API and add CATS import API
2015-11-12 Felix Dörrefix: some coverity bugs
2015-11-11 Felix Dörreadd: testcase for the previous bug
2015-11-11 Felix Dörrefix: support: no primary email address in list of secon...
2015-11-11 Felix Dörreupd: history also for organisations.
2015-11-11 Felix Dörreupd: web of trust is not visible for organisations.
2015-11-11 Felix Dörreupd: move my Listing to WOT pages ( + testCase)
2015-11-10 Felix Dörrefix: allow assurance in +12 hours (due to date/timezone...
2015-11-10 Felix Dörreupd: don't show "update" button for assured users in...
2015-11-10 Felix Dörreupd: prevent supporter and org-actor at same time
2015-11-10 Felix Dörrefix: assurance form, keep location and date + testCase
2015-11-10 Felix Dörreupd: create and test revoke API
2015-11-10 Felix Dörreupd: Ordering, remove items on orga-view
2015-11-10 Felix Dörreupd: use https:// in crt-urls
2015-11-09 Felix Dörreadd: test case verifying certificate overview.
2015-11-08 Felix Dörrefix: show revoked certificates
2015-11-08 Felix Dörreupd: cleanup in Certificate class
2015-11-08 Felix Dörreupd: better log message for ssl test failures.
2015-11-08 Felix Dörrefix: Use correct type in dbObjects.Certificate
2015-11-07 Felix Dörreadd: instruction for chrome users to install the cert...
2015-11-06 Felix Dörreadd: testCase for SE-log
2015-11-06 Felix Dörrefix: let's say CATS assurer's challange is id #1
2015-11-06 Felix Dörreadd: another support test case
2015-11-06 Felix Dörrefix: constisten menu item naming.
2015-11-06 Felix Dörreadd: show support and user the account history and...
2015-11-05 Felix Dörreadd: devel-convenience TestEmailProvider can have a...
2015-11-05 Felix Dörreadd: more strict ticket handling. User history page
2015-11-05 Felix Dörrefix: remove old coverage data. only use current.
2015-11-05 Felix Dörrefix: more leasurely decode pem (ignore whitespace)
2015-11-05 Felix Dörreadd: implement optional support for proxy headers
2015-11-05 Felix DörreAdd a specific cert-download/install link for chrome
2015-11-05 Felix DörreSearch for cert-servers at configured domains.
2015-11-04 Felix Dörrefix: better menu links, better certificate login links
2015-11-04 Felix Dörretest: don't sort pkcs7 ? does that help firefox?
2015-11-04 Felix Dörrefix: testcase that checks the cert for browser installa...
2015-11-04 Felix Dörreupd: remove debug output for verification mails
2015-11-04 Felix Dörreupd: for installation send certificate chains as p7...
2015-11-04 Felix Dörrefix: cleanup open files in "certificateProfile"
2015-11-03 Felix Dörrefix: coverity fixes
2015-11-03 Felix Dörreupd: documentation to use the nre-repo for initial...