2016-09-03 Felix DörreMerge "Replace init scripts with systemd unit files"
2016-09-01 Lucas WerkmeisterReplace init scripts with systemd unit files
2016-08-30 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge changes I343e1e25,I8bf03317
2016-08-29 Lucas WerkmeisterSupport socket activation
2016-08-29 Lucas WerkmeisterSupport reading configuration from file
2016-08-29 Felix Dörreadd: prevent supporters from modifying their own accoun...
2016-08-29 Felix DörreMerge "fix: only run fetch-locales in postinst configure"
2016-08-28 INOPIAEadd: notify board if a support role is granted or removed
2016-08-27 Lucas Werkmeisterfix: only run fetch-locales in postinst configure
2016-08-27 Felix Dörrefix: stop checking CAA on public suffix (and report...
2016-08-27 Felix Dörreadd: make inclusion of leaf certificate optional
2016-08-25 Felix Dörrefix: message to user on single-certificate-revoke
2016-08-25 Felix Dörrefix: turn NPE in better error message.
2016-08-25 Felix Dörreupd: constrain API around Supported User.
2016-08-25 Benny BaumannMerge "Fix typo and spelling"
2016-08-25 Felix Dörreupd: make simple Signer more intelligent in choosing...
2016-08-25 Lucas WerkmeisterFix typo and spelling
2016-08-25 INOPIAEadd: send notification to support and user after suppor...
2016-08-25 INOPIAEupd: move update button to DoB as it only updates the DoB
2016-08-25 Felix Dörreupd: remove footer, as it is added automatically
2016-08-23 Felix Dörreupd: remove linear search in GroupSelector
2016-08-23 INOPIAEadd: test cases for add/remove user group
2016-08-23 Felix Dörrefix: use Group.getByString only when necessary
2016-08-23 Felix Dörrefix: better error messages when invalid group value...
2016-08-23 Felix Dörreadd: defense-in-depth mechanism to prevent unauthorized...
2016-08-23 INOPIAEfix: broken link to support cert page
2016-08-23 Felix Dörrefix: correctly output subject and ticket-number in...
2016-08-22 Felix Dörrefix: user could add supporter-handled groups
2016-08-22 INOPIAEfix: whitespace
2016-08-21 INOPIAEadd: management of groups by user
2016-08-21 INOPIAEfix: rename buttons grant / deny to add / remove
2016-08-21 INOPIAEadd: add permission view
2016-08-21 Felix DörreMerge "Generalize Debian package dependencies"
2016-08-20 Felix Dörrefix: output booleans as yes/no directly using the templ...
2016-08-19 INOPIAEadd: show assigned groups to an account in My Detail
2016-08-19 INOPIAEadd: add boolean to separate groups for user and support
2016-08-19 Lucas WerkmeisterGeneralize Debian package dependencies
2016-08-19 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "Fix debian build"
2016-08-19 INOPIAEupd: replace the word state by country when used in...
2016-08-19 Lucas WerkmeisterFix debian build
2016-08-19 Felix Dörrefix: name Domain.searchDomain correctly
2016-08-19 Felix Dörreadd: test case for domain deletion
2016-08-19 Felix Dörrefix: allow searchUserIdByDomain to find re-added domains
2016-08-19 Felix Dörrefix: remove deleted domains from cache
2016-08-19 Felix Dörrefix: make domain initialization pattern compliant to...
2016-08-19 Felix Dörrefix: cache removal
2016-08-19 Felix Dörrefix: domain deletion
2016-08-19 Felix Dörreadd: use confirmation dialog at many places
2016-08-19 Felix Dörreadd: modal javascript-dialogs for confirming dangerous...
2016-08-19 INOPIAEadd: enable support to search for certificates
2016-08-17 Lucas WerkmeisterRewrite gigi script
2016-08-16 INOPIAEupd: add blank between radio button and text for name...
2016-08-16 INOPIAEupd: use bootstrap class for button
2016-08-16 INOPIAEfix: make sure that single name is accepted
2016-08-16 Felix Dörreupd: move "getRandomCountry" to test Manager
2016-08-16 Felix Dörreadd: javadoc for Country class.
2016-08-16 Felix Dörreupd: change CountryCode class into a Country class
2016-08-16 Felix Dörreupd: narrowing type-safety around Organisation
2016-08-16 Felix Dörreadd: testCase for CountryCode Multiton
2016-08-16 Felix Dörreupd: make CountryCode a Multiton
2016-08-16 Benny BaumannMerge changes If3dd7037,Ib19bb63a
2016-08-16 INOPIAEadd: Highlight certificates outside validity period...
2016-08-16 INOPIAEadd: enable that user can see all certificates issued...
2016-08-16 Felix Dörrefix: use default language instead of crashing with...
2016-08-16 Felix Dörrefix: NPE on points display page.
2016-08-14 Felix Dörreupd: put "password reset successful" in a bootstrap...
2016-08-14 Felix Dörreupd: use "submitProtected" more where applicable.
2016-08-14 INOPIAEadd: random countries for tests
2016-08-14 INOPIAEadd: new test cases for handling of residence country...
2016-08-14 INOPIAEadd: residence country for user account
2016-08-14 Benny Baumannchg: Refactor CountryCode class
2016-08-13 INOPIAEupd: fix wording for emails to have the same end of...
2016-08-13 Felix Dörreupd: remove double null-check
2016-08-13 Felix Dörreupd: improve formatting of FindUserByEmail-Form
2016-08-13 Felix Dörreupd: refactor FindUserByEmail to have two separate...
2016-08-13 Felix Dörreadd: make name selection exclusive.
2016-08-13 INOPIAEadd: new test cases to check country field during verif...
2016-08-13 INOPIAEadd: country information where verification took place
2016-08-13 Felix Dörrefix: Whitespace in "AssureeSearch.templ"
2016-08-13 Felix Dörrefix: bootstrap buttons for domain management
2016-08-13 Felix Dörrefix: hide non-activated domain pingconfigs
2016-08-13 Felix Dörreupd: use bootstrap-panels to separate domain ping alter...
2016-08-13 Felix Dörreadd: HTML5-defined 'required' attributes on mandatory...
2016-08-13 Felix Dörrefix: spacing in DateSelector
2016-08-13 Felix Dörrefix: enter support ticket form: correct form-control
2016-08-13 Felix Dörreupd: correctly bootstrapify DomainPinglogForm-Buttons
2016-08-12 Felix Dörrefix: force Mails to contain "\r\n" so signed mails...
2016-08-11 Felix Dörreadd: factor out country selection and type-restrict...
2016-08-11 Felix Dörrefix: re-display form on error in some cases.
2016-08-09 Felix Dörreupd: typo in Data-Diagram
2016-08-09 Felix Dörreupd: Upgrade diagramm to version 14.2
2016-08-09 Felix Dörreadd: an anchor to make coordinates more fixed in Diagram
2016-08-09 Felix Dörreupd: database diagram to a more recent state
2016-08-09 Felix Dörreadd: Table Structure visually
2016-08-07 INOPIAEupd: added correct display of login and revoked status...
2016-08-07 Benny Baumannadd: Implement (de)serialisation support for Certificat...
2016-08-07 Benny Baumannfix: Include missing Serializeable interface
2016-08-07 Benny Baumannchg: Be more liberal in what email addresses are accepted.
2016-08-07 Benny Baumannfix: Use internal fields csr, csrType and dn
2016-08-07 Benny Baumannchg: Don't complain about this unchecked type at this...