2014-07-13 Felix Dörreit's no really "sprintf" in the template system.
2014-07-12 Felix DörreImplement a Template-Foreach (and use in "new email...
2014-07-12 Felix DörreCreate "codesign" if-statement in Mail-cert template.
2014-07-12 Felix DörreDocument the current syntax for Templates.
2014-07-12 Felix DörreSplit of inner anonymous classes of "Template"
2014-07-12 Felix DörreMove Template to another package for moving AST-classes...
2014-07-12 Felix DörreHTMLEncode all language text before outputting it.
2014-07-12 Felix Dörreimplement "ifs" for templates.
2014-07-11 Felix Dörreremove some of the remaining "dataTD"s
2014-07-10 Felix DörreRename mailOverviewTemplate to upper case
2014-07-10 Janis StreibUse th
2014-07-10 Felix DörreRe-style Certificate table.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreFetching serials when they are available.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreSerials are in fact Strings.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreBetter display of encoded certificates.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreChange cert variable names id -> serial for identification.
2014-07-10 Janis Streib[Doc] Typos
2014-07-10 Felix DörreAdding 404 Error page.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreHand out the title decision is not good.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreThe error page does not need login :-).
2014-07-10 Felix DörreAdd missagn newlines at EOF.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreMerge branch 'templateHotDeploy' into newm
2014-07-10 Felix DörreMore verbose error messages in SimpleSigner.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreImplement template hot-redeploy :-).
2014-07-10 Felix DörreTest, that revoked certificates fail to login.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreUse an URL-constructor for templates
2014-07-10 Felix DörreImplement testing of internal certificate issuing ...
2014-07-10 Felix DörreAdding dummy signer bot to managed testcases.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreImplement serial based retrival and certificate access...
2014-07-10 Felix DörreFix test for csrf.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreFix assurance forms.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreFix local hosts for correct certificate tests.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreCorrect csrf-token impl.
2014-07-10 Felix Dörre[EMPTY] Formatting with configured formatter.
2014-07-10 Janis StreibUPD: Added compilance level to eclipse config
2014-07-10 Janis StreibAdded 404 error page.. don't use it yet.
2014-07-10 Janis StreibUPD: Slight css/table cleanup
2014-07-10 Janis StreibUPD: Localized change pw template
2014-07-10 Janis StreibUPD: Bye bye, story
2014-07-10 Felix DörreEclipse: Adding formatter settings
2014-07-10 Janis StreibUPD: Rearanged mail overview
2014-07-10 Janis Streibmerged mailadd and mail overviwer to one page
2014-07-10 Janis Streibmark as executable
2014-07-10 Janis StreibMake mailadd to a template bases site
2014-07-10 Janis StreibRemoved Data table. this idea was crap
2014-07-10 Janis Streibignore csr files
2014-07-10 Felix DörreSimpleSigner: update serial upon successfull creation.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreName Cleanup in SimpleSigner
2014-07-10 Felix DörreShow the generated certificate better.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreFix main page responsibility (to GigiServlet)
2014-07-10 Felix DörreEnlarge password test cases a bit.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreRemove mains from "Domain pingers"
2014-07-10 Felix DörreHarden the AssuranceResult enum in Notary.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreAdding "Error" as Certificate status.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreTighten Certificate Class (fix Status enums names)
2014-07-10 Felix DörreImplement first issuing for email cert.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreMove Policy handler to "www"-Front.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreDraft for client cert gen
2014-07-10 Felix DörreIgnore newlines in commands of "template"
2014-07-10 Felix DörreFix minor stuff in "add mail certificate" (still incomp...
2014-07-10 Felix DörreDraft for "Add mail certificate"
2014-07-10 Felix DörreMake default name in configurable
2014-07-08 Felix DörreUse correct server names for SNi.
2014-07-08 Felix DörreManaging subject in self-generated certificates.
2014-07-08 Felix DörreImplement a basic certificate class.
2014-07-08 Felix DörreImplement Revoking in the simple signer.
2014-07-06 Janis StreibIncremental again...
2014-07-06 Janis StreibMerge branch 'BenBE_work'
2014-07-06 Janis Streib(small format) + added clean all target to make. It...
2014-07-06 Janis Streibmake method static to avoid export
2014-07-06 Benny Baumannchg: Rework the Makefile to use the system defaults...
2014-07-06 Benny Baumannfix: Fix some compile errors caused by more strict...
2014-07-05 Felix DörreFix redirection after successfull login.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreDocument User.getMaxAssurePoints
2014-07-05 Felix DörreRemove startup output of managed tests.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreRemove debug output.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreImplement PoJam test.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreImplement restrictions for PoJam
2014-07-05 Felix DörreImplement better result of "Notary.assure"
2014-07-05 Felix DörreProhibit negative points in Bussiness-Logic
2014-07-05 Felix DörreConvert font tags to spans in Change password.
2014-07-05 Felix Dörrefix line endings
2014-07-05 Felix DörreUpdate the "generate keys" paths for automated build.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreImplement test for Wrong CSRF-Token in assurance Form.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreImplement CSRF check on "Assure someone"
2014-07-04 Felix DörreDo a dummy "Change-password-form"
2014-07-04 Felix DörreEnforce Output of CSRF token.
2014-07-04 Felix DörreAdd a primitive signer code.
2014-07-04 Felix DörreImplement csr/crt storing interface.
2014-07-04 Felix Dörre[UPDATE-CONFIG] Move the generated keys to a more reson...
2014-07-04 Felix DörreDo some L10n.... in main template...
2014-07-04 Felix DörreStart for dynamic menu.
2014-07-04 Felix DörreImplement basic Ping mechanisms Startssl, http and...
2014-07-03 Felix Dörreremove that regexes for parsing templates
2014-07-03 Felix DörreFix killing of the test mail reciever
2014-07-03 Felix DörreRemove the "approving mbox"-debug-text
2014-07-03 Felix DörreDo a big test on "notary"
2014-07-03 Felix DörreTest initial user class.
2014-07-03 Felix Dörreadd a Testcase for store&load user.
2014-07-03 Felix DörreFix user.equals (for dob datewise foo)