ADD: User groups table
[gigi.git] / tests /
2014-09-09 Felix DörreUPD: hopefully fix the failing "testDomain"
2014-09-09 Felix DörreUPD: add timeouts to testssl so that we could try to...
2014-09-08 Felix DörreMove email/certs/mail to their own packages
2014-09-08 Janis StreibADD: Tests for cross domain acces
2014-09-08 Janis StreibUPD: Allow all heade fields
2014-09-06 Felix DörreFix Cache punging for local tests.
2014-09-05 Felix DörreUPD: fix "TestNotary.testPoJam"
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: Clean Up "TestMyDetailsEdit" (by moving common...
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: fix "test assurance" to work with the strict caches
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: change "email"-constructor to match the syntax...
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: tighten Up the constructors of "User" and "Domain"
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: Change the assurance API (and document it)
2014-09-04 Felix DörreAdditional testcases for failing assurances.
2014-09-04 Felix DörreThere is a test case that needs cache punging.
2014-09-04 Felix DörreMove the "dbObject"s to their own package.
2014-09-04 Felix DörreTest+implement: object cache for email and domain.
2014-08-31 Felix DörreUPD: Details display assured
2014-08-31 Felix DörreUPD: use more advanced hamcrest matchers where possible.
2014-08-31 Felix DörreADD: testcases for that language stuff.
2014-08-31 Felix DörreADD: Enable Language selection.
2014-08-29 Felix Dörre[test-config] FIX: the ssl-pinger+ add various tests...
2014-08-28 Felix DörreUPD: rename dns-txt testdomain to "<string>._cacert...
2014-08-28 Felix Dörre[Test-Configchange]: add http-ping-testing
2014-08-28 Felix DörreA try to speed up database resetting for testcases.
2014-08-28 Felix DörreMore DNS-ping and email ping failtests.
2014-08-28 Felix DörreTest more error cases for DNS ping.
2014-08-28 Felix DörreRemove command invocations of "dig"
2014-08-27 Janis StreibADD: !Configchange! http serve
2014-08-27 Felix DörreADD: a testcase for login with wrong password.
2014-08-27 Felix DörreTest the logout functionality.
2014-08-26 Felix DörreADD: output pinglog, test DNS and email ping.
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Test for contact information
2014-08-24 Felix DörreUPD: For privacy do not disclose target userid ( or...
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Testcases for myDetails
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Assurance listing tests
2014-08-23 Felix DörreAdd testcases for checking validity intervals.
2014-08-23 Felix DörreMerge branch 'issuePeriod'
2014-08-23 Felix DörreImplement fixed-time signing.
2014-08-16 Felix DörreAdd a testcase that actually issues a certificate.
2014-08-15 Felix DörreAdd tests for certificate data pre-fillin:
2014-08-15 Felix DörreAdding testcases for gui-domain add.
2014-08-12 Felix DörreMerge branch 'csrParse'
2014-08-11 Felix DörrePut more intelligence into the "outputError"-function...
2014-08-09 Felix DörreMerge branch 'master' into csrParse
2014-08-09 Felix DörreImplement matching for valid domainnames and emails.
2014-08-04 Felix Dörrefixup! Implement store and load (with testcase)
2014-08-02 Felix DörreMove l10n-stuff to own package.
2014-08-02 Felix DörreImplement certificate profiles in java code.
2014-08-01 Felix DörreMove mail certificates -> certificates.
2014-07-31 Felix DörreImplement store and load (with testcase)
2014-07-29 Felix DörreAdd class for parsing (and writing) SPKAC. With testcase.
2014-07-29 Felix DörreUse java keygen for test-csr-generation.
2014-07-26 Felix DörreFormat code according do BenBE's formatter.
2014-07-26 Janis StreibADD: Test for faulty mail deletion
2014-07-26 Felix DörreAdding domain Object (+ testcase)
2014-07-25 Janis StreibADD: Mail delete tests
2014-07-25 Janis StreibUPD: Make some test methods static
2014-07-25 Janis StreibADD: cretaeVerifiedEmail fo testcases
2014-07-25 Janis StreibADD: email set default tests
2014-07-25 Janis StreibUPD: Refactored faulty internal mail add test
2014-07-25 Janis StreibMerge branch 'janis_work'
2014-07-25 Felix Dörrefixup! Certificate testCase fix error on mac.
2014-07-24 Janis StreibADD: faulty web mail insert test
2014-07-24 Janis StreibMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/emailMgmt'
2014-07-24 Janis StreibADD: MailManagemenetTests (currently only for mailAdd)
2014-07-24 Janis StreibUPD: Added formIndex for CSRF token parsing
2014-07-24 Felix DörreTestcases more verbose on server fail (with illegal...
2014-07-24 Felix DörreImplement short-circuit logic for emails locally in...
2014-07-24 Janis StreibUPD: Abstracted web interactions
2014-07-24 Felix DörreMerge branch 'changePasswordForm'
2014-07-24 Felix DörreImplement and test change password form.
2014-07-24 Felix DörreReinforce Signup tests.
2014-07-24 Felix DörreFactor out dummy password.
2014-07-24 Janis StreibMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mac_cert_fix'...
2014-07-24 Felix DörreCertificate testCase fix error on mac.
2014-07-24 Felix DörreShitty incompatible priv-key boundaries.
2014-07-22 Felix DörreMerge branch 'spkac'
2014-07-22 Felix Dörre[DB-Struct] implement SPKAC signing.
2014-07-18 Felix DörreImplement a testcase that tests this session context...
2014-07-18 Felix DörreFactor out more test-things.
2014-07-18 Felix DörreRemove Test-debugoutput
2014-07-18 Felix DörrePull cert-login up.
2014-07-18 Felix DörreNew Signer Job Table.
2014-07-17 Felix DörreFix "TestCertificate"-test on port 443 (default...)
2014-07-10 Felix DörreTest, that revoked certificates fail to login.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreImplement testing of internal certificate issuing ...
2014-07-10 Felix DörreAdding dummy signer bot to managed testcases.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreFix test for csrf.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreFix local hosts for correct certificate tests.
2014-07-10 Felix Dörre[EMPTY] Formatting with configured formatter.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreEnlarge password test cases a bit.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreRemove startup output of managed tests.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreImplement PoJam test.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreImplement better result of "Notary.assure"
2014-07-05 Felix DörreProhibit negative points in Bussiness-Logic
2014-07-05 Felix DörreImplement test for Wrong CSRF-Token in assurance Form.
2014-07-05 Felix DörreImplement CSRF check on "Assure someone"
2014-07-03 Felix DörreFix killing of the test mail reciever
2014-07-03 Felix DörreRemove the "approving mbox"-debug-text
2014-07-03 Felix DörreDo a big test on "notary"