Merge "Suggestions to enhance the SQL call pattern."
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2016-06-19 Felix DörreMerge "Suggestions to enhance the SQL call pattern."
2016-06-19 Felix DörreSuggestions to enhance the SQL call pattern.
2016-06-18 Felix Dörreupd: fix bootstrap buttons
2016-06-18 Felix Dörreadd: test cases for domain/email case-sensitivity #15
2016-06-16 Benny BaumannMerge changes I5927fb2c,I13853b13
2016-06-16 Felix Dörreadd: rate limit for Login (+check Signup Limit earlier)
2016-06-16 Felix Dörreadd: allow manually triggered email reping. (addresses #5)
2016-06-15 Felix DörreMerge "Rename Translations menu to Language"
2016-06-15 Lucas WerkmeisterRename Translations menu to Language
2016-06-14 Felix Dörrefix the "testLanguage"-TestCase
2016-06-10 Benny BaumannMerge "fix: pootle does not like translations in line...
2016-06-09 Felix DörreDisable PoJAM (fixes #9)
2016-06-09 Felix Dörrefix register page tests and add a new one (for the...
2016-06-09 INOPIAEToS: replacement of CCA/ToS in AssuranceForm
2016-06-09 INOPIAEToS: replacement of CCA/ToS in Signup
2016-06-09 INOPIAEToS: replacement of CCA/ToS in certs/CertificateIssueForm
2016-06-02 FelixMerge "add: api for Test-memberid-lookup (addresses...
2016-06-02 FelixMerge "add: documentation to output classes"
2016-06-01 Felix Dörreadd: api for Test-memberid-lookup (addresses #4)
2016-05-31 Felix Dörreadd: test case to verify that the login method is displ...
2016-05-31 Felix Dörrefix: calendar util test, because time and date... I...
2016-05-30 Felix Dörregeneral stability ?
2016-05-30 Felix Dörremove of-age-test to calendar util
2016-05-30 Felix Dörreadd date-validity checker in 'CalendarUtil'
2016-05-29 Felix Dörreadditional lang-cleanup
2016-05-28 Felix DörreEnforce Date-of-births to be day-only.
2016-05-26 Felix Dörrefix: testcases to be conformant with bootstrappy-redesign
2016-05-12 Janis StreibMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into janis...
2016-05-12 Felix Dörreupd: use self-org name for CATS-API-test
2016-05-07 Felix Dörreupd: refactor tests to use convenience get-stuff
2016-05-03 Felix Dörrefix: allow testing with rate limits
2016-05-02 Felix Dörreupd: improve error message of ping tests
2016-04-07 Felix Dörre(hopefully) stabelize the Orga test
2016-04-07 Felix DörreMerge commit '0176ca7cda25ad88e9faa116ffa139ca926de273...
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: two more testcases for API-endpoint
2016-04-07 Felix Dörregeneral cleanup
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: test for "fix: codesigning permission was inverted"
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: additional check for ip-addresses as domains
2016-02-02 Felix DörreShow certificate as PEM
2016-01-27 Felix Dörrefix: adjust testcase to current Orga mgmt concept
2015-11-27 Felix Dörreupd: better error reporting in "TestCertificateAdd"
2015-11-26 Felix Dörreadd: Allow specific self-signed certs for ssl-tests
2015-11-20 Felix Dörreadd: allow un-cached SQL queries
2015-11-19 Felix Dörrefix: unfinished test
2015-11-19 Felix Dörrefix: SQL change database call pattern
2015-11-16 Felix Dörrefix: external password-reset-by-assurance-TestCase
2015-11-14 Felix Dörreadd: domains for org accounts
2015-11-14 Felix Dörreadd: external test for password reset
2015-11-14 Felix Dörreadd: password reset with assurance.
2015-11-13 Felix Dörreadd: internal api for password reset (with assurance)
2015-11-13 Felix Dörreadd: split API and add CATS import API
2015-11-12 Felix Dörrefix: some coverity bugs
2015-11-11 Felix Dörreadd: testcase for the previous bug
2015-11-11 Felix Dörreupd: history also for organisations.
2015-11-11 Felix Dörreupd: move my Listing to WOT pages ( + testCase)
2015-11-10 Felix Dörrefix: allow assurance in +12 hours (due to date/timezone...
2015-11-10 Felix Dörrefix: assurance form, keep location and date + testCase
2015-11-10 Felix Dörreupd: create and test revoke API
2015-11-09 Felix Dörreadd: test case verifying certificate overview.
2015-11-08 Felix Dörrefix: Use correct type in dbObjects.Certificate
2015-11-06 Felix Dörreadd: testCase for SE-log
2015-11-06 Felix Dörrefix: let's say CATS assurer's challange is id #1
2015-11-06 Felix Dörreadd: another support test case
2015-11-05 Felix Dörreadd: more strict ticket handling. User history page
2015-11-05 Felix DörreAdd a specific cert-download/install link for chrome
2015-11-04 Felix Dörrefix: testcase that checks the cert for browser installa...
2015-11-04 Felix Dörreupd: remove debug output for verification mails
2015-11-03 Felix Dörrefix: coverity fixes
2015-11-02 Felix DörreAllow only verified emails and domains.
2015-11-02 Felix Dörreadd: 2 simple tests + simple "certificate"-code cleanup
2015-11-02 Felix Dörrefix: more testcases from regression a few commits back
2015-11-02 Felix Dörreupd: split certificate issuance as organisation into...
2015-10-26 Felix DörreUPD: minor consistency cleanups
2015-10-22 Felix Dörrerefactor: move job to dbObjects Package
2015-10-22 Felix Dörrerefactor: move two dbObjects-inner classes to their...
2015-10-18 Felix DörreUPD: Cleanup User-class.
2015-10-13 Felix Dörreupd: add properties "emailProvider.smtpHost" + "emailPr...
2015-10-03 Felix Dörreupd "" to reflect changes in...
2015-10-03 Felix Dörreupd: the Public suffix list changed (again), as did...
2015-10-03 Felix DörreSSL-ping: implement re-order of ssltest-executions.
2015-09-15 Felix Dörrefix: for the psql changes
2015-09-14 Felix Dörreupd: convert to PostgreSQL
2015-08-02 Felix Dörreupd: the world changed to need our test vectors for...
2015-06-04 Janis StreibUPD: More verbosity at autonomous tests
2015-05-26 Felix DörreMerge branch 'fix-signer'
2015-05-25 Felix Dörrefix TestSSL to be in acordance with the Form parser
2015-05-20 Janis StreibFIX: Correct hostname and port for SE testcases
2015-05-20 Janis StreibFIX: Naive trust manager for EmailProviderClass tests
2015-05-20 Felix Dörrefix: several testcases to the new configuration/structure
2015-04-18 Felix DörreAdd: Allow orga-masters to edit orga affiliations.
2015-03-22 Janis StreibADD: Basic name test for details form (SE)
2015-03-22 Janis StreibADD: More search test
2015-03-22 Janis StreibADD: MOre SE test cases
2015-03-22 Janis StreibUPD: Use the PATH
2015-03-21 Janis StreibADD: Fulltext mail based user search test (SE)
2015-03-21 Felix DörreFix: unnecessarily waiting testcase.
2015-03-21 Janis StreibUPD: Stricter name part handling
2015-03-15 Felix DörreFix: secure now requires client certs, so this test...
2015-03-15 Felix DörreFix: update testcase, only assurers may become org...
2015-03-01 Felix DörreFix: clean up launching process.