ADD: Eclipse code style: pack for static imports
[gigi.git] / static /
2014-07-15 Felix DörreBuild out certificate issuing.
2014-07-10 Janis StreibUse th
2014-07-10 Felix DörreAdd missagn newlines at EOF.
2014-07-10 Janis StreibUPD: Slight css/table cleanup
2014-07-10 Janis StreibUPD: Bye bye, story
2014-07-10 Felix DörreShow the generated certificate better.
2014-07-10 Felix DörreDraft for client cert gen
2014-07-10 Felix DörreDraft for "Add mail certificate"
2014-07-05 Felix DörreConvert font tags to spans in Change password.
2014-07-03 Felix DörreRelocate static images and tighten Content-Policy
2014-07-03 Felix Dörre[UPDATE-CONFIG] Use 3 hosts www, secure and static.
2014-07-02 Felix DörreIncrease base template html5 compliance.
2014-07-02 Felix DörreExtract inlineJs for menu. Cleanup "default.css"
2014-06-30 Felix DörreMerge branch 'policyFixes'
2014-06-30 Felix DörreFix some html errors in PolicyOnPolicy und OAP.
2014-06-30 Felix DörreFixed most of the html errors in CPS.
2014-06-30 Felix DörreMake references to static policies .html-links.
2014-06-30 Felix DörreRemove header for php in html policies.
2014-06-26 Felix DörreFactor out name handling.
2014-06-25 Felix DörreMove as much as possible from "wrapper"-tables into css
2014-06-22 Felix DörreAdd default css from old code
2014-06-21 Felix DörreMerge branch 'tlsSelection'
2014-06-21 Felix DörreMerge branch 'template'
2014-06-21 Felix Dörremove policies to *.html
2014-06-21 Felix DörreAdd policies from cacert-devel: 6d0f414854b2c1aa1da