ADD: User groups table
[gigi.git] / src /
2014-09-09 Felix Dörre[Database] implement the stuff for requesting domain...
2014-09-09 Felix DörreUPD: resolve ambigious language vs "locale" variable...
2014-09-09 Janis StreibFIX: Make fields private where possible
2014-09-08 Felix DörreMove email/certs/mail to their own packages
2014-09-08 Felix DörreConvert Pinglog into form.
2014-09-08 Felix DörreUPD: Factor out PingConfig objects and pingconfig-form.
2014-09-08 Janis StreibFIX: Typo
2014-09-08 Janis StreibUPD: No join in the menau heading
2014-09-08 Janis StreibFIX: Content types
2014-09-08 Janis StreibFIX: Reenable and enhanced crossdomain access check...
2014-09-06 Felix DörreFix Cache punging for local tests.
2014-09-05 Felix DörreUPD: split up the "certificate initiation"-form
2014-09-05 Felix DörreUPD: encance "message" of gigi api exceptions.
2014-09-05 Felix DörreFactor out age check.
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: Use strict date parsing.
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: change "email"-constructor to match the syntax...
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: tighten Up the constructors of "User" and "Domain"
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: Change the assurance API (and document it)
2014-09-04 Felix DörreUPD: cleanup notary-assurance API
2014-09-04 Felix DörreThere is a test case that needs cache punging.
2014-09-04 Felix DörreMove the "dbObject"s to their own package.
2014-09-04 Felix DörreTest+implement: object cache for email and domain.
2014-08-31 Felix DörreUPD: move the standard date format to "dateSelector"
2014-08-31 Felix DörreUPD: Change format to match the correct one (in the...
2014-08-31 Felix DörreUPD: Details display assured
2014-08-31 Felix DörreUPD: Sort languages
2014-08-31 Felix DörreADD: Enable Language selection.
2014-08-30 Felix DörreADD: Show a policy index directory.
2014-08-30 Felix DörreMove "About CAcert"-Menu to dynamic content.
2014-08-29 Felix DörreUPD: do something about that exception traces while...
2014-08-29 Felix DörreADD: page for root certs download.
2014-08-29 Felix DörreUPD: Notify domainPinger by interrupting when work...
2014-08-29 Felix Dörre[test-config] FIX: the ssl-pinger+ add various tests...
2014-08-29 Felix DörreUPD: the text for the SSL test was wrong.
2014-08-28 Felix DörreUPD: rename dns-txt testdomain to "<string>._cacert...
2014-08-28 Felix DörreRemove command invocations of "dig"
2014-08-27 Janis StreibADD: !Configchange! http serve
2014-08-27 Felix DörreThanks Find bugs for that small error.
2014-08-27 Janis StreibADD: correct hashCode for the Name object
2014-08-27 Janis StreibUPD: Use correct CSS class
2014-08-27 Janis StreibADD: Logout as page
2014-08-26 Felix DörreUPD: change date format to YYYY-MM-DD for consistence.
2014-08-26 Felix DörreADD: output pinglog, test DNS and email ping.
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Contact infromtaion form
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Set user's contact information
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Get infomation about user's directory listing...
2014-08-24 Felix DörreUPD: For privacy do not disclose target userid ( or...
2014-08-24 Felix DörreFIX: Smaller changes in the Assure-Form.
2014-08-24 Felix DörreUPD: show the "verified"-status primitive-like for...
2014-08-24 Felix DörreADD: simple pinger daemon.
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: MYDetails edit
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Date display in myDetails
2014-08-24 Janis StreibFIX: Correct text at myDetails
2014-08-24 Janis StreibFIX: Typo
2014-08-24 Janis StreibFIX: Missing title for the 404 page
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Rules of the WOT
2014-08-24 Janis StreibFIX: HTML encoding issue at register page
2014-08-24 Felix DörreADD: the daemon for pinging domains. (ping via email...
2014-08-24 Felix DörreADD: store pingconfig into the database.
2014-08-24 Janis StreibUPD: Invalidate assurance cache on Assure
2014-08-24 Janis StreibFIX: Correct translation
2014-08-24 Janis StreibUPD: Translate page titles
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Role sensitive assurance display
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Assurances made display
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Assurancedisplay
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Assurance fetch
2014-08-24 Felix DörreFix html conformance for the "explained radio button...
2014-08-24 Felix DörreFix menu exploding (so that we don't need the id's...
2014-08-24 Felix DörreFix html in DomainManagementForm
2014-08-24 Felix DörreAdvance the domain issuing form to prepare for entering...
2014-08-23 Felix DörreFix "you are not an assurer"-error message.
2014-08-23 Janis StreibFIX: Leading / on /* patterns
2014-08-23 Janis StreibUPD: Only show "assure someone" if the user actually...
2014-08-23 Janis StreibUPD: More advanced permission system for menu items...
2014-08-23 Janis StreibUPD: Register page in Join category
2014-08-23 Janis StreibUPD: No Login and register when logged in
2014-08-23 Janis StreibADD: Dynamic menu
2014-08-23 Janis StreibADD: reverese page mapping
2014-08-23 Felix DörreMerge branch 'issuePeriod'
2014-08-23 Felix DörreImplement fixed-time signing.
2014-08-23 Janis StreibFIX: Cleanup fields
2014-08-23 Janis StreibUPD: More liberal menus
2014-08-23 Janis StreibADD: Abstract permission check
2014-08-21 Felix DörreSet server accept backlog to 100.
2014-08-16 Felix DörreFix a bug that caused no checkboxes to appear in mail...
2014-08-16 Felix DörreAdding a form element for selecting the certificate...
2014-08-15 Felix DörreAdd tests for certificate data pre-fillin:
2014-08-15 Felix DörrePre-guess signature for cert based on csr signature.
2014-08-15 Felix DörreGuess the profile based on requested eku.
2014-08-15 Felix DörreExtract EKU-OIDs to class constants.
2014-08-15 Felix DörreUse "CN" correctly as dns or as real name.
2014-08-15 Felix Dörre2 minor syntax fixes in the certificate forms.
2014-08-13 Felix DörreBeautify-up the certificate-issue form.
2014-08-13 Felix DörreSpecify charset at document level again.
2014-08-12 Felix DörreCorrect Cert Issue form title.
2014-08-12 Felix DörreMerge branch 'csrParse'
2014-08-12 Felix DörreKeep the selected certificate profile.
2014-08-12 Felix DörreCertificateIssue: SAN type guessing if it does not...
2014-08-11 Felix DörreFix san type parsing.
2014-08-11 Felix DörreBetter certificate content filtering.