Merge "Suggestions to enhance the SQL call pattern."
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2016-06-19 Felix DörreMerge "Suggestions to enhance the SQL call pattern."
2016-06-19 Felix DörreMerge "upd: Reduce Boilerplate in translated SprintfCom...
2016-06-19 Felix Dörrecleanup: remove whitespace and missing favicon
2016-06-19 Felix Dörreupd: Remove (unused) menu.js and move other js snippets...
2016-06-19 Felix DörreSuggestion to display datetimes in local format
2016-06-19 Felix DörreSuggestions to enhance the SQL call pattern.
2016-06-19 Felix Dörreupd: Reduce Boilerplate in translated SprintfCommands
2016-06-18 Felix Dörreupd: fix bootstrap buttons
2016-06-18 Felix DörreCleanup Domain pinglog buttons (+ fix translatable...
2016-06-18 Felix Dörreupd: factor out ping-delay for domains to constant
2016-06-18 Felix Dörreupd: Disable "Set as default" button for non-verified...
2016-06-18 Benny BaumannMerge "Display last successful verification. (adresses...
2016-06-17 Felix Dörrefix: missed one location for database-schemeversion...
2016-06-17 Felix DörreDisplay last successful verification. (adresses #5)
2016-06-16 Felix Dörrefix: make some more text localizable
2016-06-16 Felix Dörrefix: email + domain ignore case
2016-06-16 Benny BaumannMerge "fix: advanced options on create certificate...
2016-06-16 Benny BaumannMerge changes I5927fb2c,I13853b13
2016-06-16 Felix Dörrefix: advanced options on create certificate don't collapse
2016-06-16 Felix Dörrefix: problem with updating organisations.
2016-06-16 Felix Dörreadd: rate limit for Login (+check Signup Limit earlier)
2016-06-16 Felix Dörreadd: allow manually triggered email reping. (addresses #5)
2016-06-15 Felix Dörrefix: mark "$tokenValue" correctly for replacement in...
2016-06-15 Felix DörreMerge "Rename Translations menu to Language"
2016-06-15 Lucas WerkmeisterRename Translations menu to Language
2016-06-14 Felix Dörrefix: more better error messages in CATS-API
2016-06-12 Felix Dörrefix: more descriptive error message
2016-06-10 Felix Dörrefix: uppercase DOCTYPE (fixes #8)
2016-06-10 Benny BaumannMerge "fix: pootle does not like translations in line...
2016-06-09 Felix DörreDisable PoJAM (fixes #9)
2016-06-09 Felix Dörrefix: pootle does not like translations in line number 0
2016-06-09 INOPIAEinopiae-dob: replaced some magic numbers by constants
2016-06-09 INOPIAEinopiae-dob: added comment to age restriction on signup...
2016-06-09 Felix Dörreassert a minimum age while signup
2016-06-09 INOPIAEToS: replacement of CCA/ToS in AssuranceForm
2016-06-09 Felix DörreToS: replacement of CCA/ToS in MainPageNotLogin.templ
2016-06-09 Felix DörreToS: replacement of CCA/ToS in main/RegisterPage.templ
2016-06-09 INOPIAEToS: replacement of CCA/ToS in Signup
2016-06-09 INOPIAEToS: replacement of CCA/ToS in certs/CertificateIssueForm
2016-06-08 Felix Dörrefix: transactions this way are buggy, we need a better...
2016-06-06 Felix Dörrefix: more lang-stuff
2016-06-06 Felix Dörrefix: spelling in GigiApiException
2016-06-06 Felix DörreMerge changes I29db4164,I90632cf4
2016-06-06 Felix DörreInclude Organisation name in an "Overall Title"
2016-06-04 FelixMerge "upd: Cleanup lang-string locations"
2016-06-02 Felix Dörreupd: Cleanup lang-string locations
2016-06-02 Felix Dörreupd: Normalize tailing dots in "output.template"-Docume...
2016-06-02 FelixMerge "add: api for Test-memberid-lookup (addresses...
2016-06-02 FelixMerge "add: documentation to output classes"
2016-06-01 Felix Dörreadd: api for Test-memberid-lookup (addresses #4)
2016-05-31 Felix Dörrefix: display login method correctly
2016-05-30 Felix Dörreadd: documentation to output classes
2016-05-30 Felix Dörrefix: use sprintf-translation correctly
2016-05-30 Felix Dörremove of-age-test to calendar util
2016-05-30 Felix Dörreadd date-validity checker in 'CalendarUtil'
2016-05-29 Felix Dörreadditional lang-cleanup
2016-05-29 Felix DörreCleanup additional tranlation.
2016-05-28 Felix Dörreupd: move translated string closer to translation method
2016-05-28 Felix DörreEnforce Date-of-births to be day-only.
2016-05-26 Lucas WerkmeisterUpdate session name for name change
2016-05-26 Lucas WerkmeisterRemove CSP report-url directive
2016-05-26 INOPIAEComment out about menu, policy list, sponsor links...
2016-05-26 INOPIAEReplace "CAcert" with "SomeCA" on all user-exposed...
2016-05-12 Janis StreibMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into janis...
2016-05-12 Felix Dörreupd: use self-org name for CATS-API-test
2016-05-06 Felix DörreUpd: nucleus assurance does only maxpoints f2f-points
2016-05-02 Felix Dörreupd: rate limit bypassing for test cases
2016-05-02 Felix Dörreupd: create rate limit for account creation
2016-05-02 Felix Dörreupd: tighten synchronizeation on User Objects while...
2016-04-19 Felix Dörreupd: allow signing of OCSP-Certs for internal use
2016-04-19 Felix Dörrefix: Make certs optional
2016-04-12 Janis StreibUPD: normalized text inputs
2016-04-12 Janis StreibUPD: home page on brand
2016-04-12 Janis StreibUPD: nicer page headings
2016-04-12 Janis StreibUPD: panels for mail page
2016-04-12 Janis StreibUPD: cleanup tables
2016-04-12 Janis StreibADD: First attempt for a redesign
2016-04-07 Felix DörreMerge commit '0176ca7cda25ad88e9faa116ffa139ca926de273...
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: also allow issuing certificates for an organisation
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreupd: allow exporting of whole cert chains via API
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: nucleus assurance
2016-04-07 Felix Dörregeneral cleanup
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreupd: better error reporting from cert-gen api
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: api, allow specifying a certificate profile.
2016-04-07 Felix Dörrefix: postgres-boolean are t/f
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreupd: more verbose error message for cert authing agains...
2016-04-07 Felix Dörrefixup! add: additional check for ip-addresses as domains
2016-04-07 Felix Dörrefix: a problem when setting up new test environments
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: additional check for ip-addresses as domains
2016-02-18 Felix Dörrefix: codesigning permission was inverted
2016-02-02 Felix Dörrefix: only allow setting ticket for supporter group
2016-02-02 Felix DörreShow certificate as PEM
2016-02-02 Felix Dörreadd: information that two pings are required on domain...
2016-01-27 Felix Dörreadd: granting and revoking groups by supporters
2016-01-27 Felix Dörreadd: group to block an account for issuing new certs.
2015-12-04 Felix Dörreupd: restrict permissions of org "master" admin on...
2015-11-27 Felix Dörrefix: a coverity issue with multi-thread
2015-11-26 Felix Dörreupd: allow deletion of ping configurations
2015-11-26 Felix Dörreupd: re-ping after 6 months
2015-11-26 Felix Dörreadd: Allow specific self-signed certs for ssl-tests