Merge "Suggestions to enhance the SQL call pattern."
[gigi.git] / src / org / cacert / gigi / ping /
2016-06-19 Felix DörreMerge "Suggestions to enhance the SQL call pattern."
2016-06-19 Felix DörreSuggestions to enhance the SQL call pattern.
2015-11-26 Felix Dörreupd: allow deletion of ping configurations
2015-11-26 Felix Dörreupd: re-ping after 6 months
2015-11-19 Felix Dörrefix: SQL change database call pattern
2015-11-02 Felix Dörrefix: more testcases from regression a few commits back
2015-10-22 Felix Dörrerefactor: move two dbObjects-inner classes to their...
2015-09-19 Felix Dörrestabelize pings.
2015-09-17 Felix Dörredbg: test-output for pinging
2015-09-15 Felix Dörrefix: ssl-pinging stabelize + timeout
2015-09-15 Felix Dörrefix: for the psql changes
2015-09-14 Felix Dörreupd: convert to PostgreSQL
2015-03-01 Felix DörreMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/libs/scrypt/local'
2015-02-01 Felix DörreMerge branch 'felix-work'
2015-01-31 Felix DörreUPD: Correct reping (with 5min rate limiting)
2014-09-13 Felix DörreADD: A step towards a more friendly SQL API.
2014-09-09 Felix Dörre[Database] implement the stuff for requesting domain...
2014-09-08 Felix DörreUPD: Factor out PingConfig objects and pingconfig-form.
2014-09-04 Felix DörreMove the "dbObject"s to their own package.
2014-08-29 Felix DörreUPD: do something about that exception traces while...
2014-08-29 Felix Dörre[test-config] FIX: the ssl-pinger+ add various tests...
2014-08-27 Felix DörreThanks Find bugs for that small error.
2014-08-24 Felix DörreADD: simple pinger daemon.
2014-08-24 Felix DörreADD: the daemon for pinging domains. (ping via email...