upd: use bootstrap class for button
[gigi.git] / src / org / cacert / gigi / pages / orga / AffiliationForm.templ
2016-08-16 INOPIAEupd: use bootstrap class for button
2016-08-13 Felix Dörreadd: HTML5-defined 'required' attributes on mandatory...
2016-06-30 Felix DörreMerge branch 'libs/jetty/local'
2016-05-12 Janis StreibMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into janis...
2016-04-12 Janis StreibUPD: normalized text inputs
2016-04-12 Janis StreibUPD: cleanup tables
2015-03-01 Felix DörreMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/libs/scrypt/local'
2015-01-21 Felix DörreFIX: affiliation form with associated test cases.
2015-01-21 Felix DörreUPD: cleanup org-form-page, make the form look differen...
2014-12-31 Felix DörreADD: Delete affiliations + testcase
2014-12-31 Felix DörreADD: Show and add affiliations to organistations.