chg: enforce email address for certificate was pinged within 6 months
[gigi.git] / src / club / wpia / gigi / pages / account / certs /
2018-02-06 INOPIAEchg: enforce email address for certificate was pinged...
2017-11-07 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "add: show more certificates on the "roots" page"
2017-11-02 Benny BaumannMerge changes Iabf8ec0b,Ia60382fc,I84138914,If8bc2638...
2017-11-01 Benny Baumannadd: initial class for performing arbitrary checks...
2017-02-27 Lucas WerkmeisterMerge "fix: Somewhat sensibly split the wishlist document"
2017-02-25 INOPIAEupd: replace SomeCA by variable
2017-02-22 Lucas Werkmeisterupd: terminology in code
2017-02-16 Felix Dörreupd: rename package name and all references to it