ADD: User groups table
[gigi.git] / natives /
2014-09-08 Felix DörreUpdated this files with defaults for debs
2014-07-06 Janis StreibMerge branch 'BenBE_work'
2014-07-06 Janis Streibmake method static to avoid export
2014-07-06 Benny Baumannchg: Rework the Makefile to use the system defaults...
2014-07-06 Benny Baumannfix: Fix some compile errors caused by more strict...
2014-06-21 Felix DörreMerge branch 'nativeuid'
2014-06-21 Felix Dörrefix escaping in setuid Makefile
2014-06-21 Janis StreibCLN: Small cleanup
2014-06-21 Janis StreibImplemented native Uidset to open a priviliged port