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2020-07-27 INOPIAEadd: policy page
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2018-06-12 Felix Dörreadd: PasswordHashChecker implementation
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2018-02-11 INOPIAEchg: add p7b to download all intermediate certificates...
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2018-01-30 INOPIAEchg: adjust wording and target for static links
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2017-02-25 INOPIAEupd: added links to imprint and data privacy in footer...
2017-02-25 INOPIAEupd: replace SomeCA by variable
2017-02-25 INOPIAEupd: reword of rules.template and "Web of Trust"
2017-02-20 Felix Dörreupd: use a link-redirector for all external links.