Set Java hunk header for *.java files
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2016-06-11 Felix Dörreupd: get translations from new translation server
2016-04-07 Felix Dörreadd: some state of the "whishList" from the etherpad
2015-11-03 Felix Dörreupd: documentation to use the nre-repo for initial...
2015-10-13 Felix Dörreupd: final touches for upgrade to postgres
2015-03-01 Felix DörreMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/libs/scrypt/local'
2015-02-13 Felix DörreUPD: new inline sprintf syntax
2015-02-01 Felix DörreADD: scheme versioning, last time "Please execute datab...
2015-02-01 Felix DörreMerge branch 'felix-work'
2015-01-31 Felix DörreUPD: Correct reping (with 5min rate limiting)
2015-01-21 Felix Dörreupd: store orga contact mail.
2015-01-21 Janis StreibADD: AdminLog table
2014-12-31 Janis StreibADD: If-else documentation
2014-12-31 Janis StreibUPD: Fixed ambiguity in the template syntax documentation
2014-12-31 Felix DörreAdding fetch for tag 1.4.0
2014-12-31 Felix Dörreadd: more "gigi"-subcommands (with manpage)
2014-12-31 Felix DörreADD: more advanced domain name verification (public...
2014-12-31 Felix DörreADD: prefix check for domains against database
2014-12-31 Felix Dörrefixup! UPD: Fix the debian package
2014-12-31 Felix DörreUPD: Fix the debian package
2014-12-31 Felix DörreUpdate Certificate-DN-API (for escape-safe-strings)
2014-12-31 Felix DörreADD: Show and add affiliations to organistations.
2014-12-31 Felix DörreWIP orga-things
2014-12-31 Felix DörreUpdate the jenkins job for debian package building
2014-12-31 Felix DörreAdding debian package
2014-12-31 Felix Dörre[DB]: Add orgAdmin management code
2014-12-31 Felix DörreUPD: the jenkins config file with more recent config.
2014-12-31 Felix DörreDeleted should be NULL if not set, and not strange...
2014-12-31 Felix DörreADD: org certs.
2014-12-31 Felix DörreUPD: change sprintf-template-syntax for literals
2014-12-31 Felix DörreConvert strange flags to Groups.
2014-12-31 Janis StreibADD: Add gigi start script
2014-12-31 Felix DörreUPD: typo in ttp-assurer-priv
2014-12-02 Felix DörreMerge branch 'libs/scrypt/fetch' into libs/scrypt/local
2014-12-02 Felix DörreMerge branch 'libs/scrypt/fetch' into libs/scrypt/upstream
2014-12-02 Felix DörreAdding fetch for tag 1.4.0
2014-09-22 Felix DörreUPD: cleanup reminders of old table.
2014-09-22 Felix DörreUPD: Fasten up testing
2014-09-21 Felix DörreADD: Request ttp page.
2014-09-19 Felix DörreADD: extend table syntax (sprintf string literals):
2014-09-13 Janis StreibUPD: Make all tables UTF8
2014-09-10 Janis StreibADD: User groups table
2014-09-10 Janis StreibADD: Arbitrations table
2014-09-09 Felix Dörre[Database] implement the stuff for requesting domain...
2014-08-28 Felix DörreUPD: rename dns-txt testdomain to "<string>._cacert...
2014-08-28 Felix DörreUPD: Update reference jenkins configuration.
2014-08-28 Felix Dörre[Test-Configchange]: add http-ping-testing
2014-08-27 Felix DörreUPD: Cleanup assurance table.
2014-08-26 Felix DörreADD: output pinglog, test DNS and email ping.
2014-08-24 Janis StreibADD: Contact infomation
2014-08-24 Felix DörreUPD: "awarded" points are now virtual and not needed...
2014-08-24 Felix DörreUPD: show the "verified"-status primitive-like for...
2014-08-24 Felix DörreADD: simple pinger daemon.
2014-08-24 Felix DörreADD: the daemon for pinging domains. (ping via email...
2014-08-24 Felix DörreADD: store pingconfig into the database.
2014-08-23 Felix DörreMerge branch 'issuePeriod'
2014-08-23 Felix DörreImplement fixed-time signing.
2014-08-19 Felix DörreSign with different root certificates.
2014-08-02 Felix DörreDocument disabeling HTMLEscaping in template syntax.
2014-08-02 Felix DörreImplement certificate profiles in java code.
2014-08-01 Felix DörreRename email and domain table to plural.
2014-08-01 Felix DörreRename certs table.
2014-07-31 Felix Dörre[DB-Struct] Implement some certificate types.
2014-07-26 Felix DörreAdding domain Object (+ testcase)
2014-07-22 Felix DörreMerge branch 'spkac'
2014-07-22 Felix Dörre[DB-Struct] implement SPKAC signing.
2014-07-18 Felix DörreNew Signer Job Table.
2014-07-15 Felix DörreBuild out certificate issuing.
2014-07-14 Felix DörreEnlargen the variety of use cases for the Template...
2014-07-13 Felix Dörreit's no really "sprintf" in the template system.
2014-07-12 Felix DörreImplement a Template-Foreach (and use in "new email...
2014-07-12 Felix DörreDocument the current syntax for Templates.
2014-07-10 Janis Streibmark as executable
2014-07-10 Janis Streibignore csr files
2014-07-04 Felix DörreImplement csr/crt storing interface.
2014-07-04 Felix Dörre[UPDATE-CONFIG] Move the generated keys to a more reson...
2014-07-03 Felix Dörre[UPDATE-CONFIG] Use 3 hosts www, secure and static.
2014-07-03 Felix DörreMerge branch 'libs/jetty/sni_clean'
2014-07-03 Felix DörreGenerate more keys (you may need to recreate your keys)
2014-07-01 Felix DörrePurge the remains of ""
2014-06-30 Felix DörreAdding template for jenkins job.
2014-06-30 Felix Dörredos2unix doc/.gitignore
2014-06-28 Felix DörreDatabase Manager: add optional "user data" sqlscript...
2014-06-27 Felix Dörreadd cats and notary table
2014-06-25 Felix DörreAdding key-generation to autotest
2014-06-25 Felix DörreMerge branch 'autotesting'
2014-06-25 Felix DörreTest login with email verification.
2014-06-25 Felix DörreDatabase Manager
2014-06-23 Janis StreibMore ignorance
2014-06-22 Janis StreibAdded the native compile to the "beforeYouSart" documen...
2014-06-21 Felix DörreCleanup doc, add instructions for setting up a local...
2014-06-21 Felix DörreUpdate keys scripts
2014-06-21 Felix DörreMerge branch 'tlsSelection'
2014-06-21 Felix DörreImplement cipher selection.
2014-06-20 Benny BaumannUpdate key Generation Script to use stronger keys and...
2014-06-20 Felix DörreAdd an example jetty launcher with client certs
2014-06-20 Benny Baumannadd: Script for retrieving a recent version of Jetty