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fix: typo in challenge
[gigi.git] / build.xml
2017-02-16 Felix Dörreupd: rename package name and all references to it
2016-09-29 Felix DörreMerge branch 'libs/json/local'
2016-09-27 Felix Dörreadd: import org.json
2016-09-06 Felix Dörreadd: fail build when translation extraction has a problem.
2016-07-02 Felix DörreMerge "Update notes about password security"
2016-06-30 Felix DörreMerge branch 'libs/jetty/local'
2016-06-30 Felix DörreMerge branch 'libs/jetty/upstream' into libs/jetty...
2016-06-27 Felix Dörreadd: an about page that shows the currently deployed...
2016-06-11 Felix Dörreupd: get translations from new translation server
2016-06-07 Felix DörreAllow debugger-attaching into test-suite
2016-06-06 Felix DörreMerge changes I29db4164,I90632cf4
2016-06-06 Felix DörreAdding source to collect all localisation texts
2016-05-12 Janis StreibMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into janis...
2016-05-03 Felix Dörrechg: in build.xml to better consume newlines
2015-11-05 Felix Dörrefix: remove old coverage data. only use current.
2015-09-14 Felix Dörreupd: postgres-debian package in build.xml
2015-05-26 Felix Dörrefix: allow hidden symbols for "simple Signer"
2015-05-26 Felix DörreMerge branch 'fix-signer'
2015-05-20 Janis StreibUPD: Disabled generateKeys target
2015-03-01 Felix DörreMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/libs/scrypt/local'
2015-02-25 Felix DörreFix: scryp appendix-test requires 2g of memory.
2015-02-20 Felix DörreUPD: we build UTF-8
2015-02-01 Felix DörreADD: scheme versioning, last time "Please execute datab...
2014-12-31 Felix DörreUPD: add scrypt to buildpath
2014-12-31 Felix DörreADD: prefix check for domains against database
2014-12-31 Felix Dörrefixup! UPD: Fix the debian package
2014-12-31 Felix DörreUPD: splittof util-testing
2014-12-31 Felix DörreUPD: split debian packages, so we have a "-testing...
2014-12-31 Felix DörreAdding debian package
2014-12-31 Felix DörreFIX: correct paths help the jacoco report generator.
2014-12-31 Felix Dörrefixup! UPD: Split bindirs in buildprocess
2014-09-22 Felix DörreUPD: Split bindirs in buildprocess
2014-09-22 Felix DörreUPD: Fasten up testing
2014-09-21 Felix Dörreadd purge-db target
2014-09-13 Felix DörreFIX: Some paths in report generation.
2014-09-13 Felix DörreADD: jacoco report generation
2014-09-13 Felix DörreUPD: jacoco for testers
2014-09-08 Felix DörreUpdated this files with defaults for debs
2014-08-26 Janis StreibADD: Additional target + deffering between develop...
2014-07-15 Felix DörreAllowing sun-interal classes (for PKCS10)
2014-07-06 Janis StreibIncremental again...
2014-07-06 Janis StreibMerge branch 'BenBE_work'
2014-07-06 Janis Streib(small format) + added clean all target to make. It...
2014-07-05 Felix DörreUpdate the "generate keys" paths for automated build.
2014-07-03 Felix DörreMake "fetch locales" in buildjob more advanced.
2014-07-01 Felix DörreRun all tests as batch test.
2014-06-30 Felix DörreFix the bundle-static.
2014-06-30 Felix DörreCreate "bundle"-targets in the ant.
2014-06-27 Felix DörreAdd "TestAssurance" to buildfile.
2014-06-25 Felix Dörreadd "FetchLocales" to test target
2014-06-25 Felix DörreAdding key-generation to autotest
2014-06-25 Felix DörreConfigure the testcases in build.xml correctly.
2014-06-25 Felix DörreChange classpath things for testing.
2014-06-25 Felix DörreAdd jtar to ant.
2014-06-23 Janis StreibMerge branch 'ant_build'
2014-06-23 Janis StreibAnother classpath error
2014-06-23 Janis StreibFiced error in buildfile
2014-06-23 Janis StreibExtended makefile to compile testcases to a dedicated...
2014-06-23 Janis StreibBetter ant test target
2014-06-23 Janis StreibAdd: First version of buildfile